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You don’t need to waste time and money searching for other notebook wholesalers. We are the perfect manufacturer to help you create any notebooks and journals you want!

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The best client support I’ve ever encountered! Prolead has raised the standard; many thanks for everything. Dealing with you is a pleasure every time.

Nadia Venis—-Los Angeles Brunnen

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Since the establishment of the factory, we have applied for various certificates to provide users with better service and quality.

Trusted by users in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and other places

We have gained a large number of users in our profession and services of manufacturing notebooks, desk calendars, diaries, and packaging boxes, including—

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We are a stationery manufacturer with large factories and various machinery and equipment, specializing in the production of customized printed notebooks, diaries, journals, planners, welcome books, commemorative books, menu books, and various high-quality packaging boxes. We serve many needs.

  • Triangular Desk Calendar
  • Customized desk calendar

  • Customized cards

  • Customized corporate brochure

  • notebook-home-Categories
  • Customized notebook

  • file folder
  • Customized File folder

  • meunbook
  • Customized menu book

  • children's puzzle
  • Children's educational puzzles

Fast Turnaround

& Low MOQ Notebooks

Order in bulk custom-branded notebooks featuring your corporate or event logo for your brand, school, team, or event.
We do not have strict MOQ restrictions. Because we are a custom offset printing company, we recommend ordering at least 200 sets, considering the high cost of materials.
However, if your order quantity is less than 200 sets, our sales team will usually work with customers to help them find the most competitive option.

Full Colour Printing

We have two sets of Heidelberg four-color machines that can completely custom-print every page of your book. This means whether you want simple text, a photographic image throughout, or a colorfully designed diary, we can do it, resulting in a rich, full-color vision.

Custom-Printed Pages for Stationery Brands

If you are developing notebooks or a range of stationery for your brand, we can help you through the entire manufacturing process. Due to cultural differences, we are unable to provide designs; we can provide file modification and imposition, and we can also recommend paper types and printing methods that suit your needs and budget.

With our own modern notebook factory, the only limitation is your imagination, so be sure to run any questions past our team.

Custom Printed Pages For Stationery Brands

If you are developing notebooks or a range of stationery for your brand, we can help you through the entire manufacturing process. Due to cultural differences we are unable to provide designs, we can provide file modification and imposition, and we can also recommend paper types and printing methods that suit your needs and budget.

With our own modern notebook factory the only limitation is your imagination, so be sure to run any questions past our team.

Delivering exceptional products for exceptional brands

We provide more services than only personalized stationery. We are a group of professionals that are committed to providing outstanding customer service and high-quality goods.

Our specialty is producing high-end products for companies who are passionate about beautiful design. Everything from immaculate stationery to picture albums, tote bags, and audience-relevant card sets.

You get more than simply a product when you select us—you get an experience. Your purchase will be constructed with unparalleled attention to detail and flawlessly finished by hand thanks to our simple ordering process, skilled design team, and internal manufacturing team.

That’s not all, though. Great service, in our opinion, is more than a transaction. For this reason, we offer traditional, friendly customer service that stays.

In a world where most communication takes place via a cold, glass screen, our opulent notebooks, and packaging provide our customers with a satisfying physical experience. In addition to being useful, our goods are enjoyable to use.

We are aware that you have a lot of options when it comes to personalized stationery, but we think our offering is distinct. Our dedication to providing outstanding service and quality distinguishes us from our rivals.

So, pick us for your next order if you want to see the difference. We are eager to surpass your expectations.

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MJK-rose is a full-service wedding planning company based in Washington, D.C.

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HNKN is a Seattle-based stationery and office supply boutique that sells products from independent manufacturers both domestically and internationally.

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Emma is a Canadian Amazon store owner. She has been working on Amazon for more than five years, mainly selling stationery products.

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We Want to Be Your Print Partner

Every day, you give your business your all. Therefore, you require high-quality print materials that enhance your brand.
Prolead has successfully completed printing projects for numerous clients over the past 17 years. We also want to print for you too.

  • Hot Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a highly artistic and practical printing process that can add unique charm and value to a variety of products.

  • UV Printing

When the cover is UV treated, the content will appear brightly colored and layered, with stronger texture and three-dimensionality, adding an artistic touch to the printed matter.

  • Embossing or Debossing

The concave-convex process effect is mainly used to emphasize the local surface of the design, highlight its important position, and give the printed matter a strong three-dimensional visual experience and a good touch feeling.

  • Glossy film or matte film

Laminating can not only improve the aesthetics of printed matter, but also protect the printed ink and content, making the printed surface scratch-resistant and more durable.

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Prolead is a trusted name in commercial printing. Our helpful staff, affordable pricing, and extensive capabilities have allowed us to build an excellent reputation in the printing industry. We take great pride in helping you grow your business and look forward to assisting with your print project.

Product Quote

Once you submit your project specifications, we will review them to ensure we have all the information we need to provide an accurate quote. If anything needs clarification, we will contact you by email or phone to discuss it. We will calculate the cost and estimated delivery time, then email you a quote.

Confirm Order

Once you have reviewed the quote and wish to proceed, we will email you an order confirmation. Once we receive your artwork files, our graphics department will pre-check the content to ensure the artwork is correct. If there is anything that requires further attention, we will contact you to discuss our recommendations.

Sample confirmation

Once your documents are confirmed, we will send you the sample first. After you approve the sample, we will include your work in the production plan. We will also send you a confirmation by email showing the expected shipping date.


When your work enters the next job, we will print it according to your requirements. Then we will make various processes, which may take a lot of time, but please rest assured that we will guarantee the good quality of the product.

Packaging and Shipping

Once the project is completed, it will be moved to the packaging department for shrink wrapping and boxing. Then it will be shipped by sea to your designated port. We will complete all the packaging and port according to your requirements.

Our Pledge To Resellers

Prolead is 100% committed to helping you grow your business. So whether you’re a print shop, stationery shop, Amazon, graphic design firm, or other reseller of print, here is our pledge to you…

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We are unsuccessful if you are not successful. So, in order to guarantee a reasonable profit and boost your bottom line, we'll offer the wholesale rate you require.

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Got a query? We'll know the solution. Got an issue? We'll know the answer. We're committed to building lasting partnerships, so we'll do all in our power to help.


You may rely on us for your accounts, shipping, and orders. Unless you specifically ask us to, we will never communicate with your clients.

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Drop shipments to your clients won't ever reveal our name or any other identifying information. Unless you specify otherwise, your name will only appear as the shipper on labels, documents, and packing.


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